A Game I bought recently – The Basement Collection



The Basement Collection (PC) A collection of Edmund Mcmillen’s not so stellar games, at an affordable price.(£2.99)

Edmund Mcmillen the creator of two of my favourite games Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. Previously having seen Indie Game: The Movie it made me want to look more into the early projects Edmund Mcmillen created. The Basement Collection features several games, unseen footage from Indie Game: The Movie, commentary’s about the different games, and little unlockables to get for the games ie for the game Spewer there is a particle test engine that you can mess with that Edmund Mcmillen himself used to help develop the game. Continue reading “A Game I bought recently – The Basement Collection”

A Game I bought recently – Dead Pixel


Dead Pixel (Xbox,PC) Way better than I thought it would be!

Dead Pixel is the most recent game I’ve picked up which was incredibly cheap, even when it’s not £0.68 like when I picked it up today then its usually going for around £2. Honestly I probably would have ignored this game had I not seen it on offer, and had money left over in my Steam wallet.
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