*This is not a paid promotion*

If you’re interested in Unity development you may be interested in the Unity Neon Challenge and Deep Street. Xeno Gaming got in touch with me through the contact form on the site (which I recommend you do if you want me to talk about something I might be interested in, or general enquiries) and what they have shown me is very impressive. Just take a glance at the neon lit streets in the video below, is simply breathtaking. If you’re interested in more details read on.

This beautifully crafted world is Deep Street which is an evil street of Ground City, inspired by the film Blade Runner (which I actually saw for the first time this December and I can see the inspiration shining through). The game was mostly worked on by Damien Morales the CEO and Developer. The street began work for Xeno Gaming’s upcoming Sci-fi Solo FPS Xeno Time Inception and they aim to make the streets full of life by featuring an array of details such as robots, flying cars and arcade rooms.


The Unity Neon Challenge will run live from the 1st of December 2017 until January 15th 2018 and has a total prize pool of over $30,000, with a grand prize of $20,000 and a ticket to a Unite conference in 2018 for the first place position.


The gorgeous real-time environment was created by the director of ADAM Episode 1 (Veselin Efremov) in just the course of a weekend, it can be seen below on Unity’s official channel. You can check out the Deep Street project here. To see more Neon Challenge games click here.


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