Hey everyone so yesterday I celebrated my birthday.

Due to having a presentation on the 29th I’ve mainly scheduled my birthday to another day for family but what I was able to do with having a presentation the next day is this.
I went out for a meal which turned pretty crazy and I thought you might like to hear it. Me and 2 of my friends decided to go for a food challenge in which you have to finish everything in order to win yourself a certificate and be put on the hall of fame.

It was crazy it seemed like an episode of Man V Food, only one my friends was able to complete the challenge. I will show everything included in the meal and after photos I think I did quite well.



Before the challenge begun, the each trash can challenge took up a 3rd of our table, we had six people there so I feel bad for the others having almost no space! (1st picture)



I tried guys, I tried. The burger was the hardest part to accomplish one burger in the bun was gammon whilst the other was beef. The salt from the gammon slowed me down to almost a halt with the ribs and chips finally beating me. Fortunately as I previously stated one of us did beat the challenge and he had to have about 4/5 pints of water to do so.

I really enjoyed my birthday :)



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