Nintendo has always been about the first party key titles. The problem is like with the Nintendo 3DS original launch they decided to lead with the third parties.

However when the 3DS came out it was lacking the Nintendo E-shop and a few other features, the third party titles weren’t great and they didn’t have a must have title. It was only until further down the line with new must have 3DS games that the 3DS turned around.

With the WiiU it’s a slightly different situation, there were great 3rd Party games at launch, there was a Mario game at launch as well. The third party titles were already on current gen consoles and the tweaks weren’t good enough there not just buying a game(of which some costed more for the WiiU they are buying the system) ie. Batman Arkham City – Armored Edition does the new suit and a few extra features justify a whole console?

Let’s take the first party title New Super Mario Bros U, it’s not a must-have Mario game, it’s very similar to the other games in that series. However I feel that it was more original than New Super Mario Bros 2. The original Wii launch we had a brand new Zelda game to play and Wii Sports showing what the Wii was for(at the time until we realised it was a waggle fest).

Nintendo is struggling to pump out WiiU games because they take longer to develop than Nintendo 3DS games. Another thing is Nintendo going after the wrong audience? If I ask around and say to people that I’m buying a WiiU they think its a Wii acessory due to poor advertising but the ones that do understand say the system is weak and stupid and sometimes going as far as to call it gay. These are the same people that bought a Wii at launch and made me get my order about 6 months away from launch due to stock shortages. They tried the Wii, it got some bad games with people trying to cash in on its large audience and the tech wasn’t as good and wasn’t shown well in many games until later into its life.

I for one believe Nintendo can pull themselves together with the launching of a Mario Kart 7, Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D world, Super Smash Bros, and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze but it’s not going to be easy with the similar priced Playstation 4 around the corner and also the Xbox One which has had the worst PR of any console.

But what they need are the following.

  • Advertisements Showing exactly what the WiiU is.
  • A benchmark game like Metroid Prime 4 to show off the WiiU’s capabilities.
  • A teaser for the new Zelda game in development
  • A price cut
  • Third Party EXCLUSIVES
  • To co-develop more games with other companies so games can be released faster.

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