Dead Pixel (Xbox,PC) Way better than I thought it would be!

Dead Pixel is the most recent game I’ve picked up which was incredibly cheap, even when it’s not £0.68 like when I picked it up today then its usually going for around £2. Honestly I probably would have ignored this game had I not seen it on offer, and had money left over in my Steam wallet.

It surprised me I’ve only put just over an hour in and I’ve discovered a true sense of survival in managing your equipment, so it doesn’t slow down your character, selling what you don’t find a necessity, saving your ammo and making strategic decisions on what you buy. Particularly on the last street (streets are levels and you have to complete a certain number to reach salvation, the number increases with the difficulty mode) where I realised that even shops have a limited amount of ammunition they can sell you. There’s also an upgrade system in which you’l find yourself thinking carefully about whether to for example increase your run speed for when you run out of ammo, or instead to buy a health kit and some ammo to last you just a little bit further. I definitely recommend Dead Pixel and I’ve hardly played it and already know that for the price there’s enough content and enough enjoyment to satisfy my wallet.

– TomInbound


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