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Some have called the newly released Grand Theft Auto:V to be “perfect”.

Video games have always constantly been improving in a technical sense and a creative sense. Innovation shows the way forward for a video game to become the next big game. However can these big budget games or small independent developed games be perfect?

Take the original Super Mario Bros released in 1985. Mario Bros was a cutting edge game like none seen before, however comparing that to games currently obviously the visuals will be lacking and the controls will feel more clunky. The question is can a game reach a certain level of graphical feat or art style such as cel-shading that seems like it will never feel outdated, have smooth enough controls for generations to come, have enough replayability and features to make it feel perfect?

If we use one of my all time favourite games Super Mario Galaxy I could ask myself is this game perfect. In the example of Super Mario Galaxy I would take into account how revolutionary the game was coming out and if the game kept that revolutionary feel. Super Mario Galaxy had this revolutionary feel when it launched in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii. It’s successor Super Mario Galaxy 2 didn’t feel as great despite improvements because it didn’t feel as new.

Therefore for a brand new game it will become increasingly difficult to give the public a game in which has something that people had never seen before or even imagine and also get every thing right first time around. Which would be almost impossible. If this was achieved I’m sure there are things the development teams wanted to include but didn’t in the final product.

Anyway before I end up repeating myself, I don’t believe a game can be perfect and I’m glad I think that because it gives developers constant competition to rival other games on the market, how can they make a game better than a game that’s perfect? Do you think a game can be perfect?



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