Run Tapper – Next Update Plans

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Hello all!


It’s been a while, I’ve just finished my University course and I am awaiting results. In the meantime I’ve thought about additions and improvements to Run Tapper. For version 1.5.0 I intended to implement or question the additions of the following. If an item has (?) beside it then I am considering adding it as a feature and any comments as to whether it should be implemented are greatly appreciated.

  • Menu Music (?) – Annoying after long periods ie Level editor?
  • In Game Music (?) – Not sure if this would become jarring if music was added to level generation as the game is fast paced. Perhaps dependant on movement speed.
  • Revised Audio for surfaces
  • Performance enhancements – raise from locked 30fps to locked 60fps

Run Tapper 1.4.0 – Full Patch Notes

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Listed below are the full patch notes for RunTapper Рnot available on the Google Play store page.

Added Spin platform (cactus)
Added Evil Dirt
Added graves
Added Ghost Turret

My first steps into Game Development & What you can do to start!

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So as you know I do a games computing course, and I now use Unity for my work, however I haven’t always used unity and I’m going to briefly run through how I’ve made games in the past and what you can do to get started!