Listed below are the full patch notes for RunTapper – not available on the Google Play store page.

Added Spin platform (cactus)
Added Evil Dirt
Added graves
Added Ghost Turret

Added Surface Sounds
Added Lava Grate
Added mud
Added Pigs
Added fossil
Added ghost
Added oasis
Added stones
Added spin bridge
Added igloo
Added snow tree
Added lillypad
Added Clouds
Added lava flow
Added shrink block
Added tap me block
Added boat
Added 2 Secret blocks
Added snowman
Added roll bridge
Added lava 3
Added Bats
Added Zombie
Added Biome Based Navigation
Added Mummy
Added palm tree
Added random spin
Added random rotation
Added blockswitch vertical
Added Ice melt
Added moving platform 2
Added flower block
Added switches
Added rollercoaster/transport
Player sticks to moving platforms
Fixed missing spike face
Added random turret placement
Added buoy
Added turtle
Added Pirate
Added Pirateship + canon
Added Track
Added Hurdle
Added beams
Added moving 3


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