Hello all!


It’s been a while, I’ve just finished my University course and I am awaiting results. In the meantime I’ve thought about additions and improvements to Run Tapper. For version 1.5.0 I intended to implement or question the additions of the following. If an item has (?) beside it then I am considering adding it as a feature and any comments as to whether it should be implemented are greatly appreciated.

  • Menu Music (?) – Annoying after long periods ie Level editor?
  • In Game Music (?) – Not sure if this would become jarring if music was added to level generation as the game is fast paced. Perhaps dependant on movement speed.
  • Revised Audio for surfaces
  • Performance enhancements – raise from locked 30fps to locked 60fps

  • Improved Menus with sliding touch control
  • Synchronised save system (?) – Once I can figure out how to fetch the data back from Google play services.
  • Change what loyalty points are used for (?) – Basic appearance items should be available from the start.
  • Faster way to select level editor objects.
  • Replace the cube with a character(?)
  • Rename the game to be search algorithm friendly (?)
  • Banner ads (?)
  • When ads show (?) – currently once per time you load the game
  • Remodelling some assets for lower poly and improvements (?)
  • New Levels
  • New Objects(?)
  • Decreased Difficulty tutorial
  • Force tutorial on first play (?)

Feel free to give your opinion on these potential additions. Don’t forget you can download the game from here.


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