Why I love…Timesplitters Future Perfect



This Vin Diesel Look-alike Cortez is Timesplitters main protagonist.

There is a reason why people cry out for Crytek (good choice of words) to make a new Timesplitters game, or a remake or a HD collection. It’s because Timesplitters was awesome, when I got round to play it on the original Xbox it was way into the next generation, and so a lot of the games didn’t really grab my attention, but Timesplitters did and I wasn’t expecting it to, hence my save file on it just being called “V”. Read on to find out why I love Timesplitters Future Perfect.

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A Game I bought recently – Dead Pixel


Dead Pixel (Xbox,PC) Way better than I thought it would be!

Dead Pixel is the most recent game I’ve picked up which was incredibly cheap, even when it’s not £0.68 like when I picked it up today then its usually going for around £2. Honestly I probably would have ignored this game had I not seen it on offer, and had money left over in my Steam wallet.
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