The voxel based beauty that is Cube World.

Holy **** was I hyped for this game! Anyway after that extremely formal beginning I want to first of all tell you how I came to hear about Cube World. I found out about this game from a Youtuber called Inthelittlewood (also known as Martyn) a member of the Yogscast. The Alpha video showed me that the game featured amazing randomly generated worlds, tons of creatures, dungeons and weapon customization. The world also gets progressively more difficult the further you go from where you spawned and leveling is infinite. There’s also a couple of amazing methods of transport. Read on to find out more!

First of all you get to select from 8 different races and one of the four classes. You can then customize the characters name, hair colour, face etc. You then make a world and spawn. You aren’t really told what to do apart from a couple of controls that can be displayed. It honestly feels like the games two developers said to me “Go play” and off I went in a random direction. I soon figured out the crafting system and how it worked and found my first town (of which there is one per biome, and biomes are very big) At the Town you can buy gear and weapons, customize your weapons to add spirits to increase different stats or make them look cooler. You can change which sub-class your character takes, get leftovers examined and test your skills on the dummies scattered throughout the village.


A town in Cube World

Once your fully geared up you can head out to take on your first dungeon and get lots of loot from it. Although dungeons can be quite challenging at first they are the best way to level up your character. The bosses usually drop a Spirit such as a wind spirit which increases your attack and movement speed.

  • As I mentioned before the biomes are huge, how would you traverse an ocean biome?

–  Well you could use a boat.

  • A Mountainous Region?

– A Hang Glider

  • A forest biome?

– Ride a turtle if you’d like


Most pets are ride-able in Cube World.

There’s also multiplayer mode, which I found was easiest to use Hamachi because I hate portforwarding. Which is a ton of fun, and can really add a good atmosphere to the game as a once big task of exploring the lands of Cube World becomes that slight bit more manageable with a friend by your side. There’s nothing like two people riding camels through the desert at night. This Game is on it’s way to become an award winning game it looks and feels beautiful, and theres nothing quite like it out on the market yet. I highly recommend this game. It  feels incredibly polished for a game in it’s alpha stage. Based on the current build of the game I would give it…


*Warning currently the game is very CPU intensive in both the client and server, integrated intel HD graphics cards are also not currently supported, the CPU usage actually caused my friends computer to overheat and so he has to get a new PSU it also caused my previous laptop (The server hosting one) to overheat and melt the solder at the charging port stopping it from being able to charge properly. However there are many servers online that are running Cube World you you don’t need to host your own, but I highly advise you to stop playing if you computer begins to feel too hot.*


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