Don’t step into the darkness, oh and don’t starve either!

Another great game which a Youtube channel basically got me to buy, which is why I get annoyed at companies such as Nintendo which started taking away the money people make off Let’s Plays because for some games it really helps market them, for example Don’t Starve for me. On with the Review…

The basic concept of Don’t Starve is to survive as long as possible. To do this you must not die of hunger, die from the night, die from werewolves, die from the Tallbird, be caught in a forest fire, die from insanity, die from your health, die from the cold, die from eating the wrong food, die from the guardian of the forest…and the list goes on. This particularly becomes more difficult once the game hits Winter (around 20 in game days) where the days become colder and shorter and you can’t venture far from your fire without freezing to death unless suitably equipped. Most of the time you have this gloomy atmosphere in the back of your mind thinking “Well I’m getting on well in Summer and I’m having a good time, but Winters coming”. It’s the constant bad thoughts in the back of your head about Winter that really make every day feel essential for gathering resources and stocking up on food. The map isn’t infinite either so all resources if not treated correctly are non-renewable and rocks obviously are always non-renewable.


A base in Don’t Starve.

There are also a few terrifying moments in the game the first time you encounter an enemy for example how a Tall Bird reacts to you stealing his egg, without spoilers I’ll just say not well. Another terrifying moment is when you discover how Spiders evolve as the game goes along, or you chop a tree and it turns into the guardian of the forest. There a lots of little surprises some good and some bad which really make the game shine, as well as the satisfaction from learning new cooking recipes that work, and fortifying your base more. Once I’d put *checks Steam* a good 25 hours into the game (Which is a great amount for the price) I decided to check the Wiki for the game and there are a lot of secrets I didn’t even find in those 25+ hours.

There was also the recently added caves into the game which I’m sure will give even more content for you to explore in the dark and gloomy world. Don’t be put off by it’s isometric look trust me it’s not Farmville. It’s truly something else. I recommend it and if you’re not completely sold check out the Youtube series in the link above.



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