LittleInfernoHey it’s me TomInbound, and I’m back! *Cue Explosion sounds, dinosaur roars and montages* I hope to be getting back into the regular swing of posting to this blog. As well, I really want to get into reviewing and it’s a good way to start. Anyway on with the review!

First of all Little Inferno is a game about combinations, while it has a simple plot it contains many unique characters which talk to you through letters they send to you. It’s fun working out the different combinations you can get as you have achievements for them, which are titled like riddles. The game is ultimately quite short and it feels like they tried to stretch it out. This is because the items you order from catalogs to burn usually take a couple of seconds to deliver which is fine I understand it. However later items can take up around five minutes to order, which means you’re just sat staring at a fireplace for that period of time. They can be skipped with stamps but I didn’t find myself with a lot of stamps.

little-infernoSome items can cause large explosions especially in combination with others.

As I previously said the game isn’t very long, according to Steam my game is only 4hours + however that doesn’t include getting all of the combinations. The game occasionally has a darker, gloomier atmosphere given to you by mail, which subtly hints at the idea of not knowing what’s behind you whilst you’re captivated in front of your fireplace, or the many letters from you’re friend Sugar Plumps, in which you see her become to captivated (is all I can say without spoilers). Although the tone and the graphics can convey this mood I never really found myself having much emotion in the game apart from shock at one particular part in the game. The main sensation I got from the game was the sense of satisfaction when getting a combination that I really couldn’t figure out for a long period of time. I truly believe this game is good despite being short, however if you honestly know you’re the type of person to look up how to complete puzzles(combinations in the example of this game) then you will end up blitzing through the game with a lack and feel of accomplishment.



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