A map I am creating In Source SDK, hoping to eventually show graphical fidelity in my design when finished.

I’m planning on taking a course in game design if I manage to achieve the grades necessary and sort out the incredibly boring UCAS stuff. Anyway one of the Universities I looked at asked for a Games porfolio, and so I’m planning on doing a couple of games In Gamemaker, possibly learning some flash and making games or mods, making some nice looking SDK maps, creating some chip tunes, possibly some maps for Left 4 Dead 2 and doing some concept art.

I’m hoping to learn how to optimize the maps in Source SDK (I’ve seen a few videos on not rendering entities at better angles and lighting changes) to gain a better understanding on how I can Improve my maps in subtle ways and gain a better understanding of Source before the inevitable Source 2.



Not long until the maps of the object layouts become a huge cluster ****!

Anyway this is just a short update, hopefully by letting you know where about I am with various projects it should lead me to finish a project for once, and I recommend you doing the same if you have any similar projects in the pipeline. See you soon!



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