It’s been a while since I added another enemy into Project Conquer so today I added Spiders, currently they attack the same as any ground NPC although they have little health and attack in swarms! They should drop silk in the future :) Read on for more additions!

I also encountered a number of bugs and I’ve fixed a lot of them here is another bow bug!


This definitely doesn’t look right! You can check out a video of me fixing a shadow bug that’s been in the game for ages in the video below!

I’ve also added models for beds, targets, tree stumps and barrels. Some targets can also be set up as switches so you can open doors!


And finally today amongst minor additions (that I’ve completely forgot, oh yeah you can switch between bow and sword with hotkeys and the flame swords now emits light). I also added in some basic controller support using an xbox 360 controller currently you can only move, look, jump, fire and open the inventory.


Awesome =) I hope you enjoyed the work I did today, see you in the next update!
– Tom



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