Hey everyone it’s Tom! So I haven’t worked on the game in two days for various reasons. I’ve redesigned this site, and you may see the header is a level I’m working on, I’ve been recording with another Youtuber which you can watch here. Which kind of messes up my timings working with someone else. However the game is still going to have content added.

Again if anyone wants to do any collaborations particularly people from the UK check out my contact post. I guess I will talk a little bit about…whatever.

So Henry’s back soon which hopefully means GamesInbound’s delay will be short, depending on whether it can get uploaded and published by Sunday, due to shitty rural internet speeds, and a party I’m attending on Saturday. I should be getting fast broadband on the 24th so there should be more content for my games blog! Thinking about getting some reviews up again soon I found a draft of a Smash Bros review today.

Justin’s also back which means filming the Zombie roleplay series should be easier and also means we could pick some more of GamesInbound’s more popular videos up :) In terms of new game content, I’m testing out this island structure as a sort of tutorial but all areas may open with this kind of level before reaching a bigger open world type area. Still not settled on a story or the main objective/ bad guy in the game. I’ve also got to rename it soon from it’s tentative title, as I think there’s a place with the same name although not copyrighted to my understanding. The new branding would come with a large update to be a sort of re-reveal.

Overall I just want to keep this blog alive and active and not have as many dry spells of content, I hope this more relaxed and informal method can keep you interested in the blog and game, and if you have any suggestions or questions about this post or future posts please comment down below and I will let you know what I can do for you :)



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