So the Global Game Jam 2016 has come and gone, I worked in a group of 3. I was the only coder in the team, whilst the others helped come up with our initial idea. The others also made all the art and some of the sounds. The game jam was 48 hours long, the longest I have ever participated in, of which we used around 24 hours.

The game we created was Wizard Spells we had been given the theme “rituals” and so got to work straight away. It was a difficult theme to come up with ideas for. The games concept is that a wizard and witch are about to fight each other and so must open random mystery boxes to add to their rituals to power up there attacks, although some may weaken them. Once the time runs out the wizard and witch are teleported into an arena, where they can use high grounds to have advantage over the other players and engage in ladder based combat.

The coolest thing about this game is that you can download it, although keep in mind its a local competitive game (ignore the mistake in the trailer), the controls for and xbox controller for player 2 were never fully implemented so make sure you have the numpad on for the second player. You can download the game at


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