This post was made using my game idea generator. I’m going to be doing “runs” with the idea generator to give you an idea of it’s usage. Today I’ll be using RPG as my genre.

  1. Is the game 2d or 3d?
    Game is 2D or 3d – Why? – The mechanics don’t restrict the genre.
  2. What is the camera perspective?
    Camera is above or behind the player – Why? – Unknown the game could be 1st Person or side scroll.
  3. If 2D, how many 2D plains does the game play on? (ie can you more between foreground/background)
    One 2D plain – Why? – Unknown there could be multiple isometric layers or side scrolling layers.
  4. What are the standard controls for that game the way they are?
    Usually too many buttons – Why? – Unknown the buttons could be combo mapped.
  5. Is the game randomly generated? 
    Can be. – Why? – Repeating monsters/grinding
  6. Is there user created content? 
    No. – Why? – Unsure, users could create towns/dungeons.
  7. What tone do these games usually portray?
    Mildly dark adventure. – Why? – A darker rpg could work.
  8. What audience is this genre usually aimed at?
    All – Why? – Accessible.
  9. How do you usually lose/win the game?
    Defeat someone – Why? – Levelling could equal escape, scores, parts for creation.
  10. What are the limitations of movement and attacks?
    4/8 degree movement – Why? – vertical and 360 degree possible.
  11. Who/how many people do you control?
    A party – Why? – Different skills and roles.
  12. Is it multiplayer?
    Not usually – Why? – Unknown, party could be human controlled.
  13. How is the game taught to the player?
    Through characters – Why? – many mechanics.
  14. Does it have a heavy plot?
    Yes – Why? – Adventure orientated.
  15. Is it open world?
    Usually – Why? – Doesn’t have to be if it has enough variety.
  16. Can the character level up?
    Yes – Why? – Main RPG focus
  17. What makes the genre fun?
    Levelling – Why? – Progression with your own character.

Now Pick some mechanics from the existing genre and answers you generated from asking why.

Game created – 2D isometric, layered, combo attack, randomly generated, dark dungeon escape, vertical movement, multiplayer, user created elements.



The game created from this run was a game in which you must escape a prison with the game featuring vertical rooms to go down to escape, as the game progresses you encounter guards and monsters. Stealth mechanics enable you to hide and if you die in the game you are sent back to your cell but you retain your levels from fights. The game is randomly generated but allows for user created dungeons/prisons. The battle system allows for real-time battles that use a combo system.

This game was created from an idea generator run that I did when I came up with the idea generator last year so some response may not seem as organic but it was made using the idea generator and the notes written down are directly from those made when I used it. Hopefully this gives you an idea of how it works.




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